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W5labs is a creative agency focusing on digital design and web development. We are a part of W5 group, and our goal is to create innovative and effective digital solutions that makes our clients successful and takes them to the next level.

From servers to agency

We kicked off with web hosting in 2008, when our founders worked extremely hard to widen our client base. At the time the core team had a storng vision of greatness, but did not forsee clearly where the company is heading.

As we were constantly getting more and more complex requests from our clients we decided to start our web development division - that’s when W5 labs were born.

Web development evolved quite rapidly at W5Labs, thus we welcomed new members to our growing team, yet we recruited people very carefully, as we expected them to have not just great skills but also armed with the same drive and passion as us, in order to be a coherent and effective team.

Nowadays our web development projects are managed by a professional department that is functioning like clockwork: a 21-member team can solve any kind of development or graphic design request at the highest quality, using the newest technologies and solutions.

Effective creativity

Our success roots in two things:

First of all we’re never ever 100% satisfied. We’re constantly widening our horizon to create something fresh. This mentality attracted professionals with the same attitude, therefore now we’re not only aware of the trending technologies and digital solutions but we also defining it.

Furthermore we’re dedicated to create works which does not simply please us from an artistic perspective, but also effective and innovative in usability, because that is the only way both we and our clients are be pleased with the outcome.

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    Unique websites and web systems development, visual guides.

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    Residential and B2B web hosting services, domain registration.

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    Website repair, operations and full maintenance.

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