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It is a huge responsibility
to design the primary
online interface of one
of the most popular
bands in Hungary.

Top list songs, hundreds of concerts, music awards – everyone knows Halott Pénz in Hungary.
Our roots in Pécs connect us, and it was a special pleasure for us
to be able to create the website of one of the most well-known
bands in Hungary.

halottpénz w5labs

The goal was clear.

We had to create an informative platform for young people that is able to deliver
the same experience as listening to their music. We wanted to create a page that
would simply satisfy the curiosity of those interested in concert dates, ticket
purchase options and general information, but at the same time convey the atmosphere
represented by the band. This is why we highlighted moments from the concerts
and applied the parallax effect on the main page.

halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs

Structure of parallax animation.

Moving 7 stacked layers at different speeds. With this complex and rarely used solution, we recreated the unique feeling as being in the first lines of a concert.

halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs halottpénz w5labs
halottpénz w5labs

Mobile first.

Considering the target audience,
mobile usability was a priority.

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Those who chose us...

Our ongoing partnership with W5labs has been a pleasure. Their team's dedication to our project has resulted in a highly functional website that exceeded our expectations. The impeccable graphic designs they've produced perfectly capture our brand's essence. Beyond their technical prowess, the overall customer experience has been smooth and professional. W5labs has truly been an asset to our growth.
Marc Zumstein
We have been working with the W5labs team for several years, and we owe them for the RESnWEB booking page, gift voucher interface, multihotel search, and loyalty module design. The collaboration with them is seamless; they respond quickly to our inquiries, understand our needs, present plans professionally, and, last but not least, the results are long-lasting. To be continued. :)
Szilágyi Zsuzsa
We have been working with W5labs since 2021, and they built our corporate website from scratch. The W5labs team was responsible for the functionality and the whole design. Working together has been easy for several reasons: they quickly adapted to our needs from the beginning, they responded promptly to our requests, and they regularly offered multiple solution suggestions. They are flexible, and they always deliver impeccable quality work. The new website has been a great success within our team, which confirms that we chose the right partner.
Chief Marketing Officer of Green Fox Academy
W5 is the friend who not only helps but also understands.
dr. Hetényi Roland
ügyvezető, RoLink Biotechnology
Our collaboration with W5 has been outstanding in terms of project management. Information flowed seamlessly within the agency, and we didn't have to explain our needs to multiple people multiple times. Whenever something came up, everyone responded promptly and implemented the ideas we had in mind. The end result is a truly exceptional website!
Bányavölgyi Donáta
Marketing, PR Manager
After treating our 1500th patient with spinal conditions, we decided to expand our clinic's portfolio and introduce ourselves in the online space as well. We have invited the top experts in related fields to join our team for a comprehensive approach to healing. Accordingly, we entrusted our digital presence to the best hands. W5labs has created a modern, elegant, and user-friendly website for us, and has been taking care of it ever since, to our utmost satisfaction.
Dr. Máté Nagy
Neurosurgeon, Medical Director