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Currently, we have 4 openings.

260 m2 space
It’s an ideal working environment, that provides opportunity, space, high quality equipments and the freedom for all employees to become a true professional. Work in a team or alone, it doesn’t matter, you gonna find your place here!
60 m2 terrace
If you need a little break to stretch your legs and sip a great coffee or you’d like to have lunch with your colleagues while you are breathing fresh air, the terrace is the perfect place that also provides a beutiful view to the city and the surroundings.
Community, leisure and entertainment
At W5labs you will find not only supportive colleagues but a great community. Whether it's watching sport events and cheering together, kayaking, playing beer-pong or a board game evening, we welcome you from the first moment you arrive!

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Currently, we have 4 openings, for which we are waiting for your application to join our amazing team.

Senior backend developer

Mi nem a végzettségről szóló papír alapján keressük új munkatársunkat, elsősorban a tapasztalatodra és valós senior tudásodra van szükségünk ahhoz, hogy a Te segítségeddel (is) ütőképes csapatot tudjunk fenntartani projektjeinkben. A W5labs-nál elhivatott kollégák mellett, egy közös célért dolgozunk úgy, hogy minden csapattagunk tapasztalatát hasznosítjuk az előttünk álló feladatokban. Olvass tovább a részletekért!

  • 3-4 év releváns tapasztalattal rendelkezik kisebb és nagyobb projektekben egyaránt
  • Kisujjába van a PHP és Relációs Adatbázisok (MySQL/MariaDB)
  • Munkája során betartja az OOP, Clean Code alapelveit
  • Legalább egy modern PHP keretrendszerben magabiztosan dolgozik (Laravel, Symfony)
  • Dolgozott már SCRUM csapatban
  • Van Code Review tapasztalata
  • Nem ismeretlen fogalmak számára a CI/CD
  • Jártas a TDD és Unit tesztelésben
  • Nem okoz gondot számára a határidők betartása
  • Együttműködésben dolgozik tech-projektmenedzserünkkel és vezető fejlesztőnkkel
  • Fejlődési lehetőséget keres
  • Elasticsearch ismerete
  • Redis használata
  • Monitoring/Alerting toolok használata
  • Nyílt kommunikáció.
  • Angol nyelvtudás
  • Új egyedi weboldalak építése
  • Meglévő sitebuild alapján dinamikus tartalmak megjelenítése
  • Precíz, agilis munkavégzés a csapat részeként
  • Együttműködés tech-projektmenedzserünkkel és vezető fejlesztőnkkel
  • friss kihívásokat keresel izgalmas projektekben,
  • együttműködő és nyitott a személyiséged,
  • beilleszkednél egy fiatalos csapatba,
  • fejlődési lehetőségre vágysz,
  • nincs ellenedre a remote munkavégzés

Apply with your CV!

Business manager

Do you love working at a fast-pace environment? Do you like IT? And above all that, you have great managing skills? Then we are waiting for you to join our team!

  • Carrying out web based projects’ lifecycle management, from initiating contact till executing the contract.
  • Conduct B2B customer negotiations
  • Management, automation and continuous development of lead to contract business / sales processes.
  • Continuous administration (from lead to contract) of sales opportunities as part of a B2B Sales organization via a CRM system
  • Carrying out project tasks, coordinating them, sending out offers and registering them.
  • Support communication between developers and our customers.
  • Project-related administrative support.
  • Getting to know documents, organizing and conducting status meetings.
  • Collaborate with the management team and lead developers.
  • Participate in resource coordination.
  • Your work is precise and proactive.
  • Your knowledge of English is negotiable.
  • You have good coordination and project management skills.
  • You have good communication skills, you are able to use high level business and office language
  • You have a balanced and collaborative personality.
  • You have confidence using MS Office programs.
  • You get acquainted with the world of IT and development.
  • Exciting projects, youthful, enthusiastic team.
  • Competitive income from the start, that rises based on performance and individual development
  • We offer creative, independent and diverse work opportunities and responsibilities.

    Apply with your CV!

    Wordpress developer

    Is Wordpress in your fingertips? Do you want to work on exciting projects? Then join us!

    • You have 2-3 years of relevant experience in the full development of smaller and larger Wordpress projects.
    • You are up to date in the latest web technologies, you know the ins and outs of WP.
    • Woocommerce, Visual Composer are not unknown to you.
    • You have confidence using hooks, filters, plugins.
    • You have a fine taste for design.
    • Meeting deadlines is not a problem for you.
    • You would like to work in a youthful, enthusiastic team.
    • You would like to participate in exciting projects.
    • You want an opportunity for development.
    • You have experience in plugin / theme writing.
    • You have a good workload capacity.
    • Open communication.
    • English knowledge.
    • New WP sites development.
    • Precise, agile work with the team.

      Apply with your CV!

      Senior frontend developer

      ES6, npm, Angular, or Vue… not only you know these topics back and forth, but it even gives you goose bumps? Then you are our man! We are looking for a senior frontend developer.

      • You have 3-4 years of experience in both smaller and larger projects.
      • Javascript, Typescript, CSS, HTML5 are in your fingertips.
      • You move confidently in one of the modern JS frameworks (Angular / React / Vue).
      • You have basic SEO and UI / UX knowledge.
      • CI / CD, you have professional level webpack skills.
      • You have senior level version control knowledge (GIT)
      • You work promptly, precisely, independently.
      • You would like to participate in exciting projects.
      • You want an opportunity for development.
      • Good workload capacity, agile / scrum experience.
      • Open communication.
      • Conversational knowledge of English
      • Exciting projects, youthful, enthusiastic team.
      • Competitive income from the start, that rises based on performance and individual development.
      • We offer opportunities and responsibilities for creative and independent work.

        Apply with your CV!