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W5labs is a vibrant creative agency. Our goal is to draw attention to our customers by providing high quality digital services. The composition of our partners and our own team has been shaped in the same spirit, as we have learned over time, that only one thing is certain: change. Our team, is filled with talented people from variant fields with different backgrounds therefore they can share and combine their experiences, to provide high quality services and to be able to solve all kinds of digital riddles.

In the modern world, packaging has often become more important than the original spirit of work, but we still believe that the key to continuous improvement relies on mutual trust, hard and persistent work, constant questioning, research, and to help talented people’s advancement. This is how we earn our client’s trust and ensure them succesful projects that both parties can be proud of.

If you are interested in our journey, how the company flourished since its establishment in 2008, read further.
W5 Informatikai Kft. was founded in 2008, exclusively specialized in web hosting. Our founders have diligently expanded our customer base, but they haven’t yet realized what the future holds.
In order to meet the expanding and diverse customer needs, in 2012 new professionals joined our team and we started developing websites - that’s when W5labs was born.
Web development has gained more grounds, and the increasing number of satisfied partners has made it necessary to expand our team again. Our newly arrived employees combined their serious expertise with enthusiasm, therefore we were able to target new market segments.
Today, our projects are managed by a proficient team of professionals. Our team effectively serves our international partners as well as customers from the SME segment. W5labs' digital portfolio includes IT consulting, hosting services, graphic design, web development, and support services. The quality of our services are reflected by many national and international awards, in 2018 we’ve been elected to become a member of the OTP Business Ambassador program.

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Our agency creates digital products that are personally made for you, according to your needs, no matter if it’s a logo, an eye-catching marketing advertisement, a complex system, or a webshop. It is important to give space to our clients, but at the same time be able to recognize the situation when timing is essential therefore professional, predictable work is needed, and the requirements must be fulfilled! That is why we offer a broad range of services from consulting to comprehensive strategic planning, hosting services, graphic and website development, as well as after-sales support.

There are key contacts and project managers who are always there to help you find your way in the process, so you always have someone to turn to, because we believe that the key to our common success is effective cooperation. From small entrepreneurs to large multinational companies, through key players in science, culture and the economy, we are paving the way for many of our partners in the digital space.

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