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One of the most spectacular product of a digital creative agency relies in the creative and graphic design – implementation, let it be a website appearance, the visual elements of a marketing campaign or the image of a new brand. The products of the creative field are easy to process for everyone – because they surround and target us day by day – at the same time it is also easy to criticize since it has an immediate emotional impact on the recipient.

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Creative fields

User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Brand Identity
Wireframing & Prototyping
Design & Concept
Editorial design
Motion Design
Custom Illustrations
Package Design

Digital design is part of a very complex profession where we can differentiate several fields based on the tasks. When we design a “simple” logo, in addition to taking into consideration the geometric shapes, angels- curves, fonts, we also design a foundation that a company can build on its entire image. A great logo becomes a flagship of the business and all its associated services – that is a primary trademark and advertises the company even when it’s not actively involved in building a brand. More complex tasks involve more research and development, such as creating a web design that not only works well but gives a novel user experience at the same time.

Our diverse team involves experienced graphic designers and an internationally recognized creative director with whom they form a cohesive unity and able to work smoothly together to deliver amazing and eye-catching creations. In recent years, thanks to the exceptional work of our graphic team we’ve earned both national and international recognitions.