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We are all familiar with the feeling of trying to schedule an appointment with our specialist. We search for the clinic's contact information online, call the reception, hoping they pick up, and hours later, when they finally call back, we are in the middle of something else. This happens multiple times for a single appointment, as starting over is inevitable if we want to cancel or reschedule. Additionally, providing our personal information and going through data verification over the phone can be cumbersome, and mistakes can lead to issues down the line.

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Now let's examine the other side. For Endocare private clinic, phone-based coordination and reservations brought a significant administrative burden, significantly slowing down the receptionists' work due to numerous calls, data requests, and client identification. They had to search for patients in the system while on the phone. Providing information, coordinating available time slots, and making changes all caused a loss of time and took away from their other tasks.

The business goal of Endocare's appointment booking system was to simplify and improve patient management for medical practices and clinics, eliminating the challenges described above for both parties involved.

What features did we develop for the
Endocare appointment booking system?

Appointment booking and scheduling
Automatic reminders
User-friendly interface
Multi-level user authorization management

With the collaboration between W5labs and Endocare Private Clinic, the previous problem of unmanageable and irregular administration has been solved with a modern and advanced reservation system. This has reduced the workload for administrators and provided a significant increase in efficiency, representing a true advancement in healthcare service booking.