Greenhills Case Study: Real Estate Marketing Success


Build your dreams with us:
Greenhills residential complex awaits you!

A successful real estate project does not stop at construction; it also requires attracting residents!

This is why Z&Z Investment Group Ltd. approached us to help promote the sale of their new, environmentally-friendly residential buildings. The client wanted an online platform that effectively showcases the advantages and environment of the complex while providing essential information and contact details to potential buyers. Additionally, we needed to create ATL/BTL graphic materials to support the sales process.

w5labs greenhills

Based on the jointly determined brand colors and concept, we designed a logo that was extensively utilized in ATL (Above-The-Line) and BTL (Below-The-Line) graphic materials. We successfully integrated the branding into the main webpage, serving as its focal point.

w5labs greenhills

In addition to the completed website, we also created ATL graphic materials that highlight the advantages and appeal of the residential complex. This included traditional advertising mediums such as posters and flyers, strategically delivering the message to potential buyers.

We also developed BTL graphic materials to support the sales of the complex. These included elements such as brochures, publications, and thematic roll-up banners used at related events, conveying detailed information and attractive visual content to interested individuals, further strengthening the market presence of the complex.

The result was a comprehensive marketing campaign and online platform that not only included an informative website structure and presentation of the residential complex but also incorporated ATL/BTL graphic materials that effectively supported sales and targeted the intended audience.

How did we contribute to the success of Greenhills?

  • Coming soon page with contact details
  • WordPress site
  • ATL/BTL graphic materials
  • Logo and branding elements: Logo, business card, email signature, letterhead, social media content
  • Print and digital distribution floor plans
  • Informative location maps
  • Web banners for advertisements
  • Poster designs, informational brochures, and flyers

The outcome was a fully supportive marketing campaign and online platform that facilitated sales and strengthened the market position of the residential complex.