Trimeszter Case Study: Enhancing Online Presence and Engagement Among Expectant Mothers


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Our Team created a website for Trimeszter that offers a clean and modern design. The site features user-friendly navigation and a structure that allows users to easily find the desired information and products. It provides content related to different stages of pregnancy, including informative articles, expert advice, and product showcases. Additionally, an online store has been integrated into the website, allowing visitors to directly purchase the offered products.

By creating the new Trimeszter website, we have elevated our client's online presence to a new level in the market. The clean and user-friendly design, rich content, and convenient online shopping experience provide a unique journey for every mom. Trimeszter has been able to enhance visitor engagement and purchase intent with its informative and friendly interface.

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How did W5labs assist Trimeszter?

  • Friendly user experience with web design and easy-to-navigate structure
  • Content on various pregnancy topics, including articles, expert advice, and product showcases
  • Online store integration for online purchasing of products
  • Increased visitor engagement and purchase intent
  • Strong online presence and position in providing pregnancy-related information
  • Strengthening brand credibility and revenue growth
  • Efficiently reaching and serving the target audience

The story of Trimeszter is intertwined with Ratkó Tünde, a midwife who has been devotedly working for over 25 years to bring as many children into the world as possible.

Tünde provides comprehensive pregnancy and fertility counseling, and with her assistance, over 50,000 babies have been born. With the knowledge she gained throughout her career, she wanted to offer support to aspiring parents with different healthcare backgrounds, even before pregnancy.

This gave rise to the idea of Baby-Med Professional Company Kft., a business focusing on pregnancy vitamins, with the aim of providing a wide range of information and products for expectant and new mothers. Trimeszter vitamins have been a prominent player in the market for over 10 years, and the capsules are now shipped to more than 30 countries.

The Trimeszter team wanted to strengthen their online presence by creating a new website that offers a user-friendly experience, interesting and useful content, and also enables online product purchases.

w5labs trimester