HRMNY Art Case Study: Visual Presence with Unique Branding & Logo Design


Create the perfect harmony
in your home with Szandra Feth!


In 2023, interior designer Szandra Feth decided to expand her creative work with artistic forms made from 3D textures. She launched an Instagram account for brand-strengthening purposes, where she can showcase her creations.

However, in order to ensure her visual presence aligns with her creative work, we designed a unique logo and brand identity for her.

hrmny w5labs

During the brand identity design process, the main focus was to reflect the nature of the artist's work: sleek, striving for simplicity, and creating a complementary rather than intrusive appearance. Since the client chose Instagram as the primary platform for showcasing her artwork, we integrated the content into a new web interface instead of a traditional website to provide a unified experience for the audience.

It was important during the design process that the brand elements complement rather than overshadow the creative activity. We found common ground with the client and took into account her style and artistic expression in shaping the brand identity. From business cards to thank-you cards and stickers, we incorporated the unique personality of the artist into every little detail with our graphic design team. We all know the importance of the first impression conveyed by our client through her images and Instagram reels when sharing her portfolio online.

hrmny w5labs

What brand elements did we contribute to HRMNY Art?

  • Logo design
  • Branding elements optimized for social media, incorporating both natural and artistic textures and sensations (e.g., crumpled fabric background, concrete effects, and colors)
  • Thank-you cards, Business cards
  • Stickers
  • Instagram highlights icons and story templates
  • IG Reels mini mood/vibe videos
hrmny w5labs
hrmny w5labs

As a result of our collaboration, we could present the client's work and creativity in a new dimension. Designing the logo and optimizing branding elements for social media platforms allowed us to create a brand with a unique and unmistakable visual presence. The completed thank-you cards, business cards, stickers, Instagram highlights icons, and story templates, as well as the IG Reels mini vibe videos, provided an excellent opportunity for the artistic forms to offer an outstanding customer experience to Szandra's audience.