The future of e-commerce is just a reach away!

The future of e-commerce solutions is just a click away!

Stay Ahead of Competitors and Maintain a Competitive Advantage!

Are you tired of complex and confusing webshop interfaces? Do you want a solution that provides the necessary features without the need for developer assistance? Look no further! Our designed and developed webshop engine allows you to easily manage your entire store. We provide you with the tool that allows your daily operations to function efficiently and personalized.

We provide you with the tool that allows your daily operations to function efficiently and personalized.

Discover the Latest Features of Our Future-Ready Solution!

AI-Supported Features:

Context-based, hybrid search engine
Generation of textual content
Rephrasing of textual content
Translation of multilingual content
Image editing

*Additional costs may apply depending on AI-based feature usage.

Web Approach:

User-friendly interface designed as a mobile application

Fast response times and smooth user experience

Progressive web application (PWA) support

Backend API support for native mobile applications


  • High-performance system with scalable features
  • Easy integration with various platforms

E-commerce Features:

Support for multiple languages and currencies
Eye-catching banner blocks
Management of unique product collections
Intelligent product search with filtering parameters
Optimized one-page checkout process
Wishlist and product review functionality

Product Management

  • Simplified management of variant and downloadable products
  • Bulk editing capabilities
  • Unlimited product category management
  • Custom product attributes with filtering system
  • Product relationships (up-sell, cross-sell)
  • Transaction-based inventory management with multi-warehouse support
  • Pricing history and discounts

CMS Features

  • Dynamic page creation with block editor
  • Easy creation of promotional pages
  • Management of static pages
  • Management of blog pages
  • Media library for file management

Administration Interface

  • Sleek and user-friendly interface
  • Role-based access management
  • Detailed activity log tracking
  • Statistics and reporting capabilities


  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo
  • Google Analytics
  • Meta Pixel
  • HotJar
  • SimplePay
  • Barion
  • Billingo
  • Számlá
  • GLS
  • MPL
  • Package pick-up points
  • Parcel lockers
Price comparison
  • Árukereső Feed
  • Google Shopping


  • High PageSpeed Insights scores
  • structured data
  • SEO recommendations
  • Sitemap generation


  • Cloud-based architecture for scalability and high availability
  • Separate Backend and Frontend applications
  • Laravel Backend with administration interface and API
  • Nuxt.js Frontend application with PWA support
  • MySQL database
  • Utilization of modern caching solutions (Redis)
  • Elasticsearch/Hybrid search engine
At W5commerce, we believe in transparent solutions and modern technologies that enhance the efficiency of businesses.

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