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Since sales is an important driving force of the process, only the tools are changing by time, we can say with a bit of an exaggeration that trading on the internet has begun the same time when the World Wide Web was born. There is no question that in the 21st century, e-commerce has finally conquered the world and thus a whole IT industry has been built on it.

We believe that every business is unique therefore there is no single solution that works for everyone. Our team has substantial experience, whether it is a smaller webshop with a few goods or a complex web store with tens of thousands of products. Our goal is to help our customers navigate in the world of e-commerce.

magento w5labs

Scalable, heavy-duty web store for complex needs.

Magento is one of the most advanced e-commerce platforms in the world. Thanks to its speed and built-in functions, it provides an ideal solution for the implementation of unique needs and complex systems.

The world’s leading brands also choose Magento!

Thanks to its reliability and flexible configuration, brands such as HP, Canon, Jack Daniels or Jaguar are all operating on Magento framework. Nevertheless, the technology is also available to those entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of online sales but want to take their business to the next level.

What are the benefits of a Magento platform?


Fast and scalable


Integrated e-commerce features


Optimal conversion


Inventory- and warehouse management


Smooth integration with external and ERP systems


Possibility to create multi-store pages


Open source e-commerce platform

Our e-commerce team has more than 10 years of experience in their field, therefore we are able to support our customers to realize the true potential of their sales activities.

Hence, we are not only focusing on the development phase, we also participate in the planning process to come up with the perfect concept for your business. During the implementation, we strive to establish a partnership that enables a target oriented, well-measurable e-commerce platform based on your business needs in order to support the company’s sales strategy.