W5 Loader

A team driven by
digital solutions.

We create innovative and catchy digital solutions for our clients since 2008, but our enthusiasm is the same since the beginning. Our team is full of talent, skill and heart, all in one thriving to provide digital products that make both our clients and our team proud.



  • 01

    Graphics design

    Creating logos, visual guides, online and printed graphics.

    Our designer team approaches every single project with the same professional and creative attitude, either its a visual identity of a brand or a single logo.

  • 02

    Web design

    Innovative and customized websites that are focusing on effectiveness and user experience.

    It’s none other but science and art that merges by the hands of our developers. They create digital platforms that are visually polished while running them with effective UX, SEO and conversion.

  • 03

    Custom designed systems

    Planning and developing portal systems, CRM, ERP and other unique systems.

    Our system engineers using state-of-the-art technologies and solutions when it comes to developing CRM, ERP, automation and other corporate systems.